Jean Cocteau: Man of style

Jean Cocteau is the source for much of my new year’s inspiration because of his personal style exhibited in his original timeless home in Milly-la-Forêt.

While thinking about my latest inspirations, I realized they largely came from Jean Cocteau. His leopard-splashed study pops up from time to time in the Wall Street Journal, various blogs, and the inspiration boards of numerous creatives. Below I highlight aspects of his home that feature in my daydreams as of late.

My goal as a designer is to create individual interiors that simultaneously reflect the personality of their owners and stand the test of time by not being confined to a certain time period. I find the study of Jean Cocteau to be a perfect example of such a room. Using leopard fabric to cover the walls and ceiling is bold but to combine it with that red palm leaf fabric as curtains is so unforgettable. There is no creation or expiration date on this room.

Jean Cocteau's extravagant use of pattern.

Jean Cocteau’s extravagant use of pattern.

Wicker is a material that I love because of its texture, natural material, and its suitability for the state of Florida. The mismatched Victorian-style pieces in his dining room have a distinct personality as if personifying the specific guests at the table.

Charming, casual, and unique wrapped up into one dining room.

Charming, casual, and unique wrapped up into one dining room.

Small dining rooms are quite charming as they provide a cozy environment. This table generously seats four with plenty of tabletop space for all of the needed dining accoutrements. The exotic light fixture and checkerboard floor with wood paneled walls (I think) are an eclectic combination resulting in a whole greater than its parts.

A landscaper's nightmare but oh so inviting.

A landscaper’s nightmare but oh so inviting.

Outdoors, Jean Cocteau again provides inspiration. Every landscaper / contractor advises against growing vine on your house. I repeatedly ignore this advice in hopes of achieving exterior charm even if only a fraction of that seen above.

Sleeping alone looks good.

Sleeping alone looks good.

Dressing and making beds has been on my mind. This fanciful twin bed is quite special. The look of numerous pillows and duvets covering so many beds is an ubiquitous style that I have seen too much of to find interesting. I am dreaming of some fresh approaches. The older style of having a thin cover that tucks under and over the pillows is understated and simple which here allows the canopy and side curtains to shine.

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