For the traditionalist

Mary Margaret Vasquez has been designing home interiors for over 20 years; she:

  • Studied art history as an undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design at Parson’s School of Design, New York City
  • Worked at various interior design firms in Dallas, Texas and Orlando, Florida
  • Opened her own interior design firm in 1996 in Winter Park, Florida
  • Worked on projects in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee

For the unconventional

  • I see endless expensive patterned fabrics, but usually prefer simple natural fabrics with little to no pattern (Fortuny is an exception).
  • I would love to live in Mexico, at least for part of the year. Maybe in a big house with small outbuildings, like a chapel or studio.
  • Restaurants get bonus points for having a stand-out bathroom design.
  • A homebody at heart, I love staying in to look through my large library of interior design books.
  • I prefer a vintage dress to a new one because no one else will be wearing the same dress.
  • Florida (especially old) is wonderful, but I am happiest somewhere between Texas and California.
  • Contrast is visually interesting to me: Gilt furnishings inside a cottage, messy hair with a suit, or casual food served on fancy china.
  • I miss the old days of sunbathing with Ban de Soleil, drinking Coke from glass bottles and watching fireflies on summer nights.

Hope we can meet soon to talk about your interior design project.

Please give me a call at 407.505.8626 or send an email.