Winter Park Postcard

Winter Park, cherished for its historic homes, brick streets, many lakes and native birds, is facing challenges by increased building and traffic.

There is a bit of a building boom happening in Winter Park right now after a long hiatus due to the economy. Small houses have been demolished for sometime in Winter Park to make room for the new manors. My neighborhood was one of the last to be affected, but it too is seeing the excavators. Many of the homes built in my neighborhood were for employees of the now closed Navy base. Nondescript ranch-style houses were built around 1960 mixing in with some existing earlier homes of grander style. These ranches are now being bought up by the builders who replace them with larger varieties. The one featured in my post is a bit different than the usual generic Mediterranean mansions going up. This one could be put on a Winter Park postcard.

Some new structures, such as the one below built by LunDev, are thoughtfully designed and add to the appeal of our small city.


New spec home recently completed by LunDev.

Despite the rainy conditions in Florida there are flat-roofed homes being built around Winter Park. I love this style, especially those built in the 2o’s and 30’s.


Mission revival style home with flat roof built in the early part of the 20th century.


Flat roofed home in Tucson. Read more about this home in my post here.

Other than costly clay and glazed tile roofs, I don’t get excited about most roofing materials. The roof doesn’t dominate the design of the house in these flat-roofed styles as it does with so many of the enormous homes being built today.


Lovely garden by Keller Outdoor.

While I like the simple geometry of this house, the awnings, and the unusual choice of light fixtures, I was most interested in the landscaping that went in this past week. The asymmetrical design compliments the asymmetry of the house. The palms highlighted by square beds of white begonias is quite stylish. It looks like something that might be in South Florida designed by Sanchez & Maddux .

As landscaping can be an after thought for many builders or homeowners, a chic garden is a neighborhood enhancement.


A new palm is added to the existing oaks.


The striped inlay of stones into the concrete was a nice touch.

DSCF2013 (1)

Fabric and metal awnings soften the severity of this style.

The side of the house is on a busy street. A short wall, podacarpus, and large bushes offer privacy and buffer the sound of traffic.


Bushes block passerby’s views.

Casa V can make your home beautiful to be a Winter Park postcard.