Williamsburg-style is seen throughout the town in the chaste brick homes with oversized chimneys, multi-paned windows, dormers, and wooden door surrounds.

I have been spending time in Williamsburg lately visiting my son who is studying there. On a recent trip, I came upon this house near the historic Colonial area. While it is notably grander than the surrounding homes, it is in keeping with the traditional style.


Typical brick box with a pair of large chimneys at either end of the beautiful slate roof.

Although this is a large house, the design mimics the smaller versions in the area. Typical restrainst is shown from the architecture down to the plantings. The owners resisted the urge to fill the entrance with numerous potted plants. They have kept it rather stark with one pot of begonias, I think, on either side of the front steps.


The symmetrical flat facade with dormer windows adhere to the local Williamsburg-style.


Wren building, College of William & Mary. (Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Throughout Williamsburg, particularly on the William & Mary campus, one sees this color way of soft red brick with straw-colored painted trim.


Small gate and charming garage bring this house down to more typical colonial scale.

The side entry is quite charming with the small gate. The separation of garages and out buildings keeps the home from seeming gargantuan.


A tasteful plaque announces that the home is a private residence and not part of Colonial Williamsburg.


Simple louvered front door.

I love the understated entry of this home. In other locales, this style of door would be far too unassuming and would likely be replaced with a glass and iron variety.


Local fawn-a.

If you look closely you can spot deer roaming through the yards. They are quite skittish. One click of the camera and they take off.

Casa V Interiors designs with locale in mind.