Plaster walls: Why don’t we do this anymore?

Plaster walls are beautiful, cool to the touch (important in the hot climate), reflective, and don’t require paint.

Why did we ever switch to drywall? Drywall looks flat, uninteresting, sounds thin, and screams new.

To achieve a seamless addition to an historic home, new walls must be plastered.

Two current projects call for plaster walls. The first is an addition to an historic home. The plasterer’s job requires matching the texture of the new walls to that of the existing 1920’s surfaces. The original part of the house has an irregular bumpy texture on all of the public room walls. Much of the new addition will have the bumpy texture; however, some ceilings and secondary rooms will have a smooth one. The workmen labored for two days in the master hall alone getting the look just right.

The hallway feels cozy because of the intimate scale and the plaster stretching across the ceiling.

A detail of the rounded returns.

The master closet and guest ceiling have a smooth finish. The smooth finish feels amazing to the touch while the light reflects off of it in a beautiful subtle way. The finish is so exquisite that painting it seems criminal.

The smooth glowing guest room ceiling contrasts nicely with the roughness of the pecky cypress beams.

The least attractive finish in new homes is the drywall.

The second project is a renovation. The inspiration was Chateau Domingue‘s plaster walled environments which evoke a feeling of age. We found a local plasterer who spread a limestone plaster over the sinuous surfaces we had framed. The intention was for the plaster to be the finished surface – no paint required.  While drywall is simple, the plaster process is much more complicated. Numerous walk-throughs were required. The end result is beautiful. The walls are a chalky white that gives an airy feel to the now high-ceilinged space. The client’s spectacular antiques shine against the walls that look aged yet timeless.

The new soaring ceiling adds an ethereal quality to this once dark room.

Plaster softens the edges of the graceful arch and pantry shelves.

The walls and dreamy Calacatta Colorado marble counter seem to merge.

Plaster walls are made of years of experience and hours of hard work by numerous skilled hands. What a lovely addition to one’s house.

Casa V can bring the beauty of plaster to your home.