Vintage clothing = Antiques

Vintage clothing and antiques are similar in that they can provide individuality and inconspicuous beauty and style.

Expanding on my last post on personal style in fashion and interiors, I am thinking about the similarities between vintage clothing and antiques. Stylish people are intriguing. It is fun to see what they will wear or create next. Some of my favorite style setters choose to wear vintage. Those looks are often my favorite as they show more creativity than wearing the current trendy designer outfit. There is something about having a dress that no one else has that I find infinitely more interesting. My favorite interiors almost always feature antiques. I love antiques for the same reason that I love vintage clothing. No one else will have quite the same item in their home as antiques are unique. Rooms comprised solely of antiques can also be fresh if they are scaled and styled distinctively.


Kate Moss wearing vintage Dior, February 2008. (Photo: Daily

Kate Moss is consistently featured on best-dressed lists, Pinterest style boards, and within personal style books. She always looks amazing, but you don’t often see her in ostentatious designer clothes. They are usually more discreet, not overwhelming her with logos. I particularly like seeing her in unique vintage dresses, such as in this Christian Dior dress from the 30’s.  No one arrived to this party in a similar look.


Bathroom of Jaya Ibrahim. (Photo: Jaya Ibrahim)

The bathroom pictured above, belonging to the late Indonesian interior designer, Jaya Ibrahim depicts original design that does not appear newly constructed. Antique prints and folding screen add a touch of history and complexity to this ultra-stylish space.

Welfling_0001via mrs blandings

Laure Welfling’s Tangier home. (Photo: Roland Beaufre)

Laure Welfling’s bold room shown here is particularly dramatic with its over-scaled urns and singular chair. This space would look amazing empty with its tile patterns and stark white cut-outs.


Home of Laure Welfling, Tangier. (Photo: Roland Beaufre)

A second view of the same room.


Umberto Pasti’s Tangier home. (Photo: David Oliver)

Umberto Pasti’s home in Tangier is full of antiques. The framed antique tiles on the wall are my favorite item in the room. Other than the tiles, no one item stands out too much. The odd variety of chairs, tables, and decorative accessories create a layered look in this cozy reading nook.


My personal bedroom, pictured above, features an Indo-portuguese cabinet, a vintage Mexican candelabra, assorted pots from South America, and  framed religious works. None of these items are readily found making the room look non-specific yet unique to me.

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