Tropical cactus

Glimpses of the desert can be seen in lush Winter Park.

Somehow in this lush Florida climate, we have cactus. Growing up visiting my grandmother in Arizona, I have great appreciation for the desert. I loved looking out the car window at all the saguaro standing tall with their many arms bending about. Each one had its own unique configuration. We don’t have saguaro in Florida, but we do have a few varieties that seem to thrive in our wet climate.

Scene stealing cactus in Winter Park Pines neighborhood.

Scene stealing cactus in the Winter Park Pines neighborhood

This beauty is the biggest I have seen growing in Winter Park. It is spectacular, dwarfing the ranch house next to it. I just spotted it this week covered in buds. It is not on my everyday route so I hope I don’t miss them when they burst open.

Large white flowers on the school run cacti

Flamboyant flowers on the school run cacti

Cactus can add an exotic touch to your Florida garden.

My pediatrician lives on a street that I travel down daily, heading to my children’s school. She too has one of these cacti, but a younger smaller one. When it blooms, people slow down in their cars to get a better look and walkers pull out their cell phones to snap a picture of the big white blossoms that seem to be silently screaming for your attention.

Wild and carefree combinations at the Antique Rose Emporium, San Antonio. (Photo courtesy Rock-Oak-Deer)

Wild and carefree combinations at the Antique Rose Emporium, San Antonio. (Photo courtesy Rock-Oak-Deer)

I love a slightly wild, unkempt garden. It seems as if you are somewhere else, someplace exotic. Cactus mixed with roses or hydrangeas is an unexpected combination. I love this image from the Antique Rose Emporium picturing roses and cactus in Texas.

Cabo San Lucas cacti

Cabo San Lucas cacti

We spotted many cactus in Cabo San Lucas recently, in traditional desert-like settings. I liked the lush feel of this large cacti reaching up from a carpet of flowering red succulents.

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