Cooking with Tile

Tile kitchens are practical while also allowing the overall decor to pervade this utilitarian space.

Designing kitchens is tricky. They date quickly. When building or remodeling everyone wants a “current” kitchen. The problem is that “current” lasts approximately ten years after which the expensive redone kitchen looks past tense. My preference is to design kitchens ignoring of the moment trends. My favorite kitchens reflect the style of the home, are quirky and very personal. Realtors strongly disagree with my view, but I am often at odds with realtors.

Covering walls with tile is the ultimate luxury.

With the recent opening of the YSL museums, intricate Moroccan tile patterns have been on my mind. Likewise tile from Portugal and Spain has been in my thoughts. My son is studying abroad this semester. Knowing my love for tile he sends me wonderful images.

Incredible 3-dimensional tile in Lisbon. (Photo: Perren Vasquez)

A tiled niche in Lisbon. (Photo: Perren Vasquez)

Amazing detail in Lisbon. (Photo: Perren Vasquez)

Tile kitchens have personality.

This Méxican kitchen has long been a favorite of mine. I never tire of these blue stars. Mosaic House has a Moroccan version of a blue star.

(Photo: Tim Street Porter)

(Photo: Tim Street Porter)

These Portuguese red and green alternating stars would make a lovely tiled kitchen. (Photo: Perren Vasquez)

I adore this San Miguel kitchen. The uncommon tile pattern makes it look original while still being of Méxican style.

The cabinets are tiled everywhere but for the inserts.

Adorable Mexican hutch for holding additional plates and glasses.

Tiled countertops are rarely desired in the states due to the grout lines but are common in México and Morocco.

The Moroccan home of Jean-Louis Raynaud and Kenyon Kramer is a tile-lover’s paradise. To be enchanted see images here.

Small kitchen with tile work and beamed ceiling in 20th century riyad in the medina of Marrakesh with interior restoration by Jean-Louis Raynaud and Kenyon Kramer. (Photo: Andreas Von Einsiedel)

I could not love this kitchen, below, more. The tile, the star lights, the lack of upper cabinets are my idea of perfection.

Moroccan kitchen of Carla and the late Franca Sozzani. (Photo: Ivan Terestchenko)

A new kitchen project is causing me to contemplate these images. I look forward to seeing where it leads. Stay tuned.

Casa V Interiors can add a tile kitchen to your home making cooking a dream.