Design inspiration: Thinking about…

Finding color and pattern inspiration at the movies.


Over the weekend I went to see The Imitation Game. It had some nice design details scattered throughout the movie.

Still from The Imitation Game

Still from The Imitation Game

This sharp vintage phone in the bottom right corner of the photo above caught my attention. I love the green and black color combination.


Calculations as artwork

Alan Turing’s calculations make for great artwork. They remind me of a little of products available here.


Just a glimpse of the handsome wallpaper

Lastly, I loved the wallpaper seen in Alan Turing’s home toward the end of the movie. I could not find a great picture of it unfortunately, but you can catch a tiny glimpse of it above his left shoulder. It is a bold deconstructed stripe. His drawings are again pinned to the walls. The patterns on top of pattern look great together. You can see a bit of one of his sketches behind his head.

The movie is very good, but the great design is an added bonus. If you need something to do this weekend, I recommend it for some potential design inspiration.

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