Design inspiration: Thinking about…

The never ending appeal of tile.

Yesterday I popped over to see a friend’s new town home to give her some advice on paint colors. She is preparing for her kids leaving for college and bought something that is the perfect size just for her. The town home is near my home so I drive by it all the time. The exterior is quite nice so I was intrigued to see the interior.

I was surprised at some of the charming touches that were revealed inside. The town home was built ten years ago, but some of the features made it seem as if it were from another time.


Dining room / Library

These built-in bookshelves in the dining room made the house feel older. I love old houses for their quirky touches and distinctive features. This room could also be a cozy reading room with comfortable seating and a library table.


Tiled breakfast room

Opposite the kitchen is this cute niche for a breakfast table. Despite not having any windows, I think it is very inviting with the sconces and tiled floor. I would probably smother the walls with framed art or photographs.


Plain wall made interesting

My favorite part of the house was this paneled wall inside the dining room. I love the two jib doors. The one on the left opens to the powder bathroom.


Tiny powder room with a large impact

Peeking inside was this cute bathroom. The urn with the sink is fun as is the iron towel ring. The black elements add weight to the small space. The most surprising feature was the red stripe along the floor created by the tile baseboard. The entire town home is neutral in color so this pop of red was quite unexpected. It is a great red too – an orangey Italian feeling hue.

I love how simple this is, but the impact is huge. I will definitely think about this idea when working on future projects.

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