The cocktail garden

Cocktail gardens create a welcoming space outdoors where one can enjoy nature and satisfy many of the senses.

An unusually lush garden in Tucson, Arizona.

An unusually lush garden in Tucson, Arizona.

My sister has a favorite garden that she likes to pass on her walk to work. It is a lovely lush garden full of flowers. Pretty as it is, the reason my sister chooses to walk by it everyday is because of the way it smells.

Gardens provide the first impression of one’s home and hopefully mesh nicely with the architecture.

More typical of Tucson gardens are those with cactus planted into raked dirt. Grass is uncommon as is a garden chocked full of blooming plants.

Other gardens provide additional space for entertainment and relaxation

As soon as one rounds the corner towards this house it hits you. The pervasive smell of rosemary.

Rosemary bushes line the sidewalk. Even driving in a car, the lovely smell wafts into your rolled down window.

Seeing this lovely spot led to a conversation about cocktail gardens.

Special gardens give back in the form of scents, sounds, and tastes

My sister received this book for Christmas last year. The book focuses on making a garden more enjoyable. It includes topics such as attracting birds and butterflies, introducing fragrance, and planting for recipes. The premise is to enhance the garden so much that one wants to come out every evening for personal rejuvenation.

Green Lantern Cocktail

Puree the following ingredients in a blender or food processor:

1 packed cup parsley leaves

zest of one lime, finely grated

1 cup cold water

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

3 T agave nectar or honey

Once these are well-blended, strain through a fine sieve. Divide into four tall glasses and add ice. Fill the glass with sparkling mineral water and garnish with a spring of parsley and a line wedge. You can also add 2 oz of the spirit of your choice, – vodka, give or jalapeño-infused tequila work especially well.

My sister brought the drink above to a friend’s house for cocktail hour. Her friends were skeptical but were won over once they tried it. Her funny friends fondly renamed it the Zombie Dragon.

For many in the country, people are enjoying their last evenings in the garden as soon it will be too cold to enjoy them. In Florida, it is the opposite. The heat is just beginning to break encouraging flowers to bloom again. Now is the perfect time to have cocktail hour in a Florida garden. The key lime trees are full with ripe fruit perfect for making Green Lanterns or better yet, Zombie Dragons.

Casa V can create a beautiful garden salon for you to enjoy cocktails and conversation.