Summer reading

Just like summer reading, interior design books can provide escape to magical homes of beautiful yet thoughtful design.

One of summer’s pleasures is having the time to read indulgently. In my life, the hectic pace of the school year combined with work doesn’t allow time to delve into a book. That to me is the best way to read – sitting for lengthy periods of time getting lost in a story, as opposed to quickly getting in a chapter or less between obligations. Leaving these lazy summer reading days behind is always sad. This year I was able to extend it a little longer sneaking in the three last books.


Dollbaby is Laura Lane McNeal’s debut novel. I can’t wait to read what she writes next. You won’t want to put this book down so begin reading when you do not have looming deadlines. My husband loved it equally. The story about an unconventional family is set in New Orleans during the 1960’s.


The Language of Flowers I have seen many times on the bookstore shelves but for some reason passed over it each time. After seeing that several Warwick’s staffers recommended it, I decided to give it a try. So glad that I did. If you are interested in flowers and their Victorian meanings you will especially enjoy this book, but if you could care less and just want a good story you will be equally satisfied.


My husband passed on this book to me attempting to make up for a previous suggestion that was not to my liking. He redeemed himself. The story of a quadriplegic and his caregiver was all I could think about for two days. Aaaahh… just like summer.

When fall rolls around, just a time of year here in Florida not an actual season, it seems as if reading needs to become more serious. No more fluffy stories read at record speed.  Reading about houses, if you are that type of person, can be just as enthralling. The two books below are quite good at digging in deep to the heart of creating special homes.


House Thinking takes a different approach from the common one of how to make a room prettier or smell better. This book gets you to think harder about each space and its function or the function you desire. Perfect whether you are building a new house or simply refreshing a current one.


The Private House enlightens the reader on the creation of Rose Tarlow’s famous home as well as personal memories and design advice stemming from her many years in the business. There is no house quite like Rose Tarlow’s with its patina and singular style. Beautiful photos (such as a few seen below) are included in the book along with the thought-provoking text.


Rose Tarlow’s much emulated living room. (Photo: Cote de Texas / Architectural Digest)



View of Rose Tarlow’s fireplace and Jean Cocteau drawing. (Photo: Cote de Texas / Architectural Digest)

Casa V can bring beauty and function to your new or existing home.