Spanish Gem : Trasierra

Trasierra provides a low-key yet luxurious experience through its quiet country setting and non-affected style.

Ever since seeing a spread in Vogue magazine many years ago I have longed to visit Trasierra, the sprawling white country estate set in the south of Spain. The owner of this guest house is Charlotte Scott, a Londoner, who longed to raise a family in her native Spain rather than cold England. She and her husband discovered this spectacular yet run down dwelling and set about restoring it. Over the years they bore four children and transformed their derelict structure into a stylish personal home. Sadly, Charlotte’s husband tired of the Spanish country life and returned to England. This sudden life change necessitated opening her doors to travelers creating a unique non-hotel establishment. She and her four now grown children all play a role in making Trasierra a top 100 destination hotel. One review here. Charlotte’s goal is to have one feel as if you have been invited to her home as a guest. She is extremely successful in this endeavor.


One enters the property through large unmarked gates traveling up a dirt road driveway lined with lime washed trees arriving to an austere white wall punctuated with large wooden doors.

The hidden beauty of Trasierra.

Unseen beautiful Trasierra lies behind these massive gates.

Country driveway with white-washed tree trunks.

The country driveway with white-washed tree trunks.

Welcome to Trasierra.

Welcome to Trasierra.

A smaller pedestrian door opens into a large courtyard.

The main courtyard with olive oil jars and a table set for the coming evening.

The main courtyard with olive jars and a table set for the coming evening.

Nighttime view of front entry.

Nighttime view of the living room entry.

The front door is straight ahead through the courtyard.

Welcome desk at Trasierra.

Welcome desk at Trasierra.

Charlotte wouldn’t dream of having a reception desk. The low-key version at Trasierra is this charming table with an oversized Spanish bowl, potted plants, business cards, and a guest book.

Crazy for this branch-decorated arch in Trasierra's living room.

A charming branch-decorated arch invites one into Trasierra’s living room.

The most used room for the “guests” is the main living room known as the church. There are numerous seating areas and a table for games or eating.

Enjoying my children playing their typical rowdy card games in this special Spanish spot.

A typical boisterous card game for my family yet in this gorgeous Spanish setting.

The kitchen is through the doors on the right.

My Spanish bedroom for four days.

My Spanish bedroom for four days.

Charming double doors lead to the bedroom where my husband and I stayed.

My Spanish bed for four days.

My Spanish bed for four days.

Inside our bedroom. Personal touches included a fabric covered bottle of water for each night table, herb springs in a glass, and made-on-site simple cotton lampshades.

Cozy corner and writing desk.

Cozy corner and writing desk.

The desk was fitted with a locally-made dish holding personalized pencils, engraved stationery and postcards, and a book telling the history of Trasierra.

Striped curtains open to another courtyard where our family stayed.

Striped curtains open to a smaller courtyard where our family stayed.

Our boys stayed in the room next door.

Picturesque seating area off of our girls' bedroom.

A picturesque spot for contemplating the day waited outside the girls’ bedroom.

Our girls stayed in the room behind these charming French doors.

The Scott family lives in the area seen behind the pool.

The Scott family lives in the private wing glimpsed at behind the pool.

The large salt water swimming pool lies under the vast sky.

Blue and white self-service bar.

The blue and white self-service bar.

A cute self-service (honor system) bar is next to the pool where one can help themselves to beer, wine, cokes, or stronger libations. Complimentary water and snacks are put out throughout the day. In fact, there is so much delicious food served here that I had to leave before I took home more weight than just souvenirs.

More green and white striped curtains, this time leading into a staff room.

More green and white striped curtains, this time leading into a staff room.

Everywhere you look at Trasierra is a charming site calling to be photographed and that I did. (More eye-rolling from the family as told here.) This opening leads to kitchen storage.

Artful table setting for our first dinner.

An artful table was laid out for our first dinner.

They make the most of the large property by seating you in different locations for dinner each night. Our first dinner was eaten next to the large fig tree.

Different table, different colors, same charm.

Different table, different colors, same charm.

The following night this same location was set for our British friends.

Blue and white setting for dinner night no. 2.

A blue and white display was set for dinner no. 2.

Our second night we sat up front under a pergola at this equally charming table.

Much missed chocolate dessert. Thank you George!

A much longed for chocolate dessert. Thank you George!

Charlotte’s son George, who manages the hotel, tells you if you want anything in particular just ask. We put him to the test by requesting a chocolate dessert for my chocolate-deprived children who had been missing their favorite treat. Sure enough that afternoon we could smell that familiar aroma wafting out from the kitchen. This sinful chocolate cake arrived to our table that night making four people, ok 6, extremely content.

Sweet Mafalda napping with a guest at Trasierra.

Mafalda resting next to me after an exhausting session with a tennis ball.

Another personal touch to Trasierra is the friendly family dogs that snuggle up to you as if you were a Scott family member.

Trasierra tour guides, Mafalda and .

Trasierra tour guides, Mafalda and friend.

Mafalda and the greyhound joined us for morning walks which was very helpful as they know they way through the various trails and saved us from making a time-consuming wrong turn.

Magical Trasierra.

Spectacular Trasierra.

Taking a walk behind the property provides this unobstructed view of Trasierra amongst the trees.

A tiny shop to take a piece of Trasierra home.

A tiny shop to take a piece of Trasierra home.

Trasierra is not a place one wants to leave even in the extreme summer heat. Fortunately, Charlotte stocks a small store with Spanish pottery, Moroccan and Mexican clothing, espadrilles, baby clothes, and their amazing roasted almonds that we have been craving ever since we left.


What I most admired about Trasierra was the unpretentious style of the home. It is a magical place living comfortably amongst the orange and olive groves, chirping birds, and under an unbelievably starry night sky. I highly recommend visiting Charlotte’s Trasierra where you will be fed like royalty and treated as friends.


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