Rose Tarlow Fabric

Rose Tarlow creates beautiful sensual fabrics that subtly complement any interior.

One of my favorite fabric reps came to town recently with the new collections. The new group of fabrics from Rose Tarlow were the most exciting of what he showed.

Most of the fabrics in her collection are either solids or patterns with a twist on the traditional.

Linen velvet

Lucca linen velvet

Their Lucca pattern is 100% linen but has a softer hand than most linen velvets. I love to use linen velvet because its wears so well. This one will be my new favorite because it is feels amazing, and the price was reasonable. The color way shown reminds me of octopus ink. It is a dark inky indigo.

Glazed linen

TōKAI glazed linen

Rose Tarlow’s TōKAI is a glazed linen. The pattern is a bit ethnic with an ikat-like stripe. It is like a broken up chevron. While I like a chevron pattern, I try to avoid it now as I feel it has been overused.

Small stripe

Gigi small stripe

The first pattern that I am going to order is Gigi, seen above. I love the charcoal and ecru color way of this small stripe. It also is a glazed linen. Note that the glazing will not last indefinitely. The coating is subtle and adds a nice touch, but it will still look sharp once it wears off.

Bed idea

Moroccan-inspired bed.

Rose Tarlow fabrics are a perfect choice for a non-trendy interior.

I am thinking of creating a queen size bed for a client out of this stripe. It will need to be railroaded (running horizontally) to avoid a seam. Lately, I have been making these platform beds as I like the cleaner look of not having a bedskirt. This one will go on a patterned tile floor in a warm climate. I like to have a bed up on legs to let the tile show and it seems cooler in the heat. It will go into an eclectic house so the moroccan touches make it less traditional. The edges will pop with black welting. Using a bold fabric on this style of bed would make it too trendy, and the client would likely tire of it with time. The traditional stripe on a stylized bed keeps it interesting without dating the piece.

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