Mixmaster: Rooms à la Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert proves to be a mixmaster of combinating contrasting elements to spectacular effect creating her noteworthy appearance.

Isabelle Huppert at the 2017 Academy Awards. (Photo: The Hollywood Reporter)

Isabelle Huppert’s appearance at the recent Academy Awards reminded me of a few of my favorite rooms. Online opinions of her outfit were mixed. In dispute were the edgy earrings and dark nail polish. Some thought she was yet another example of French chic while others thought the polish wasn’t appropriate for the elegant show and the cuff earring was odd for a sixty-two year old woman. In my opinion she was the best dressed of the evening. She took a dress, that while beautiful could have looked lackluster, and added a fashion forward earring and polish manipulating the overall look to one that was novel and youthful.

Huppert’s skillful mixing of elements is an approach that can be applied to decorating rooms for an equally successful result. As some did not care for the radical Gaia Repossi earring that Huppert donned, it is just that odd item that can make a room so unique. When injected into an interior, a seemingly unsuitable object can add just the right dimension altering the overall affect of the room.

Some memorable examples of this are seen below.

A Victorian chandelier in Gert Voorjans’s Antwerp apartment. (Photo: Karel Fonteyne)

Gert Voorjans adds a twist to his dining room by adding this unexpected feminine pink crystal chandelier with more pink in the candles.

The atelier of Gert Voorjans. (Photo: Karel Fonteyne)

Voorjans’s plays mixmaster again adding bright green Chinese folly chairs slashing the formality of a cast of Donatello’s Saint George.

Ron Arad’s light fixture adds a jolt to Jacques Grange’s Parisian dining room. (Photo: Vincent Thibert)

Jacques Grange is another skilled mixmaster as seen in his personal dining room. The modern light fixture alters the conventional mood set by the antique table and traditional French parquet flooring. Similarly the headpieces make light of the marble busts perched proudly atop formal pedestals.

The de Gunzburg Provençal dining room. (Photo: Henry Bourne)

Here Grange subtly adjusts the mood by adding modern chairs into this ethnic dining room. The round shape of the chair backs pick up on the light fixture’s finial.

Casa V Interiors can be mixmaster to your house creating an innovative appeal.