Publications as presents

Publications are the one gift that I consistently give throughout the year but especially at Christmas.

I use the word publications because some of the current magazines are more like design books. Cabana, Cherry Bombe, and the gentlewoman to name a few are biannual works that you won’t want to put into the recycling after a quick read. They deserve space on the shelf too.

There is something exciting about a stack of reading material next to the bed. So many stories and ideas waiting to be explored. Even if the to-read list is only on the notes page on your phone, the anticipation is still present. Because I love receiving books, I choose to give them. Read on to see the titles on my list this year.

They make wonderful gifts for clients.

My clients are very different so one gift does not fit all. One of them was unfamiliar with Fortuny so she is getting this book to learn about their incredible fabrics and the life of the man.

Another client will love the beautifully detailed interiors of Dallas designer Cathy Kincaid. So much to look at on every single page.

Novels always fill the family stockings.

Larry Loftis is a former attorney turned author. Recently I heard this Orlando resident speak about his two books. He says they are non-fiction but read like thrillers. The story is the key to his writing. It must be captivating. They sound like perfect books for my husband. Loftis’ first book Into the Lion’s Mouth has received numerous movie offers so expect to see this in theaters at some point in the future.

Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus was a favorite in my household for its magical sorry of a black and white circus that moved around the world appearing only at night. The Starless Sea is the author’s newly released second novel. My daughter will find this in her stocking. Can’t wait to read it once she finishes.

Christmas gifts to me from always include publications, lots of them.

So far my stocking will hold the books above. Lisa Fine’s book is spectacular. I spied a bit of it before giving it to a friend for her birthday a few months ago. The Majorelle Garden has been sitting on my wishlist for a while.  Another Morocco garden book is Eden Revisited. Ngoc Minh Ngo’s previous books are wonderful. This one focused on Umberto Pasti’s garden in Rohuna. Pasti is an inspiration to me from his homes and gardens to his books.

Remember to support your local bookstore. My local favorite is Writer’s Block Bookstore on Park Avenue.

Casa V Interiors will be reading new books over the holidays to get inspired for new projects in the new year.