Passionate about purple

A favorite childhood color, purple, grows up to be a sophisticated and bold choice for drama and serenity.


Last night, I found my husband tucked away in our room watching Purple Rain. Unbeknownst to me, he has seen this movie a dozen times! That was a surprise. I did see this movie when it came out but never since. Fascinating. I could not stop watching it and was up way too late. This morning I am still thinking of Prince, the enormously talented artist who created the soundtrack to my life in the 80’s. His favorite color was purple. Maybe it still is. I, too, love the color and enjoy seeing it used well in interiors.

Purple goes from a teenager’s bedroom to Indian-inspired fabrics


pick the perfect shade of purple with casa v

Lucky horses. (San Cristobal Stables. Photo: Remodelista)

Purple was a favorite color of mine growing up. Learning of the work of Luis Barragan in design school, however; made purple a new favorite as an adult. His use of bold color still inspires me.


I love the charm of this Indian motif on the purple linen.

Sterling and Knight makes a charming Indian-inspired fabric on a purple ground, seen here on my bulletin board. It is on my to-order list to recover a chair.


Photo: Francesco Lagnese

It makes up nicely on this chair by Tom Scheerer, who used the pattern in the denim colorway.

pick the perfect shade of purple with Casa V

Photo: courtesy of Steven Gambrel

It is wonderful to see purple looking sophisticated in modern interiors and not just saved for children’s rooms. Steven Gambrel uses the color fearlessly here in his personal home in Sag Harbor, New York.

Farrow and Ball makes the most amazing paint. Reviewers say it feels like painting with cream. The palette is not very large, but the colors are spectacular. My first venture of trying out their paints was going to be with their incredible color called Pelt.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.28.14 AM

Bookcases painted in Pelt. This picture does NOT do justice to this regal purple.

I tried it out on my son’s bookshelves, as he too is passionate about purple.

Nature is the first and best source of the color purple

pick the perfect shade of purple

Photo: Mexico Daily Living blog

If you don’t envision purple in your interiors, even the most neutral loving person can enjoy it outdoors. Jacaranda trees paint purple some of my favorite places. You can find them through out Mexico, California, and Argentina.

My house is white so I love the contrast of dark purple and green against the starkness of the walls.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.28.00 AM

Photo: Schreiner’s Iris Garden

Last year I ordered some of these beautiful Rosalie Figge bearded iris for my garden. I hope they come up and provide a splash of purple when looking out the French doors.

Are you passionate about purple too? If you would like help bringing purple into your home, contact Casa V Interiors.