Old Spanish house

Old Spanish houses are a favorite of Casa V Interiors because of their tile floors and details, thick plaster walls, and interesting nooks and crannies.

I have always dreamed of living in an old Spanish house. This dream has yet to be realized. It may never be realized. As one of my good friends likes to say…Old (homeowner) and old (home) don’t go together. We’ll see. Regardless, my dream was revitalized this past weekend when I visited Jekyl Island for the first time. What a beautiful place. The name always intrigued me, friends had visited and raved, but I never made it there until now.


The Clubhouse designed by Charles Alexander in 1888

We stayed at the Jekyl Island Club Hotel. The architecture is beautiful. The main building is quite large. We stayed in one of the guest “cottages”.


Cherokee Cottage built 1904

Cherokee Cottage, our lovely guest “cottage” was built in the Italian Renaissance style. The gorgeous doors with fan lights above made me instantly smitten.


Crane cottage built by Richard Teller Crane, Jr. in 1917

Crane Cottage was another house, also inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, where you could stay or simply visit for a meal. Some of their dining rooms are pictured below.


Dining room, Crane Cottage


Dining room, Crane Cottage


Tile floor, Crane Cottage


Garden detail, Crane Cottage



Villa Marianna, Jekyl Island

My favorite house on the property was the Villa Marianna. It was one of the least maintained, but was so charming. It is currently being used as an office. No one was working the morning we walked by, but we were able to peak in the windows and take some photographs.


Entry, Villa Marianna

The small tile floors really appeal to me. They might be less appealing were I having to clean them weekly, but as I am not, I gazed at them admiringly. The groin vaulted ceiling in the entry is one of those that people long for, and try to recreate in their new homes.


Named plaque, Villa Marianna

Some lovely details of the house are pictured below.


Exterior entrance gate to Villa Marianna



Window detail, Villa Marianna


Lovely tile plaque, Villa Marianna


Spanish-style fountain, Villa Marianna


Stone courtyard with tile fountain, Villa Marianna


View overlooking the marshes

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