Napa knows style and the wine is pretty good too

Napa is beloved for its food, wine, and scenic beauty but its small town charm and vintage farmhouses stole my heart.

Despite being only four weeks ago, it seems like ages since I traveled to Napa to spend a fun weekend with my daughter. A pleasure trip seems surreal now in the midst of the coronavirus. Fortunately we got this excursion in as a last hoorah now that graduation is cancelled and the world has drastically altered.

Everyone it seems loves Napa, but it was our first visit. We found it utterly charming and more unpretentious and casual than expected. The small scale and rural feel were enchanting. My favorite part of the trip was discovering the old farmhouses.

Drive all the way up to see Solage Calistoga.

We stayed at Solage Calistoga. It was made up of many small farmhouse structures with attractive details albeit of a simpler style than the first image. Wood siding and traditional small paned windows brought charm.  White roses, lavender, and palms made the landscaping loose and romantic.

While beautiful, Solage stood out for its exceptional service and food.

The spa entrance.

The spa entrance.

The garden behind our cottage.

The bar and dining room featured pastoral art.

The bar and dining room featured pastoral art.

Delicious locally-made snacks in each room.

Small Napa towns charmed us with their humble scale.

My favorite part of the trip was meandering through the little towns encountering charming architecture. This house felt a little like New Orleans.

The Victorian gingerbread details add a unique quality to the farmhouse style. Some of the houses in this style being built today are too simple. Too little detail makes them just plain.

The overgrown garden and simple details of this house were lovely in a wild unkempt sort of way.

The unique details of this art gallery were spectacular. The protruding sun stole my heart.

This tile placque reminded me of the many painted signs throughout Italy.

Everything grows in the magical California soil.

If I remember correctly this was the town hall of Sonoma.

Lovely details atop this Sonoma building.

Farmhouses are very in vogue in Winter Park right now. Casa V Interiors can help you design a special one with some help from Napa.