Mesón Hidalgo

Mesón Hidalgo in San Miguel de Allende not only serves as a hotel, but offers the best in Mexican design through its three boutiques.

On a recent trip to San Miguel, I made a brief visit to Mesón Hidalgo. Mesón is a 3 room guest house with three stores on the ground level. One is a home furnishings space by Laura Kirar, who also designed the guest rooms.

Laura Kirar’s design work is inspired by her adopted country.

Kirar’s space is one of those environments which causes one to consider a complete reset. She has a wonderful eye. Her store combines designs of her own as well as those of other Mexican creatives. Every item was thoughtfully curated. The store was full of art and objects not seen elsewhere. Even in San Miguel you can see repeat items from store to store.

A Calder-esque mobile hangs before the bold mural.

This unique chair has been upholstered in saddle blankets with appliqued flower cut-outs.

The floral-embellished entrance to Kirar’s store.

Scarabe chair by Laura Kirar. Seen at Mesón Hidalgo.

Scarabe chair by Laura Kirar. Seen at Mesón Hidalgo.

She designed this chair for Meson Gerard in New York. The wood is ebonized Spanish cedar. Black henequen fabric keeps the focus on the unique shape. I love this stand out design. While it looks uncomfortable, it is actually the opposite.

The black volcanic console table acts as a check-out desk. The open space concealed by the striped fabric holds shopping bags and other supplies.

Carla Fernandez’s clothing is an example of the current designers using ancient techniques in a modern way.

The front store is Carla Fernandez’s boutique. The Mexico City designer has a line of creative stylish clothing. Read about Fernandez’s home here.

Xinú perfumes are an intoxicating blend of fragrances in beautifully designed bottles.

At the end of the long stone walkway is Xinú Perfumes.

This store is a lesson in styling. The perfumes are beautifully displayed among dried flowers and spices, sketches and objects.

The bottles are as lovely as the perfume.

The bottles are as lovely as the perfume.

Xinú’s focus was first creating delicious perfume. Second, was sustainability. Consequently, their packaging was meant to endure. Glass bottles double as vases.

Mesón Hidalgo is not to be missed when visiting SMA. If you purchase something it will keep a bit of Mexican style with you when you return home. If you do not, you will wish that you had.

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