Magical México: Singles

Due to the masterful use of scale, it is common to see single items used dramatically in Méxican decorating.

As I mentioned before, the scale is very often bold in México. Because of the large rooms and tall ceiling heights equally large items are needed to fill the interiors. When I visit the country, I feel the need to go home, throw out most of what I have and replace with fewer but larger items. One large painting will be hung more often than a group of small ones. One jar on a console table replaces a grouping of smaller items.

Go for bold. Use one special item.

Luis Barragan design. Courtyard with a single toy horse.

Galvez House. Courtyard with a single toy horse.

Luis Barragan, the famous Mexican architect, was a master at using single items to great effect. This single white toy horse is quite dramatic and whimsical against the signature pink wall.

Luis Barragan interior.

Luis Barragan’s home, México City.

Luis Barragan is one of my favorite architects. His sparse work made a big impression on me when I first became aware of him. This interior shows his strict editing. One cantilevered desk with well chosen singular items on it with a single chair in this alcove. One large gold painting greets you as you reach the stair landing.

An exterior hallway at Los Cabos Golf Club, Cabo San Lucas.

An exterior hallway at Los Cabos Golf Club, Cabo San Lucas.

Less dramatic but using the same idea of decorating with singles is this focal point at Los Cabos Golf Club. A large carved chest stakes a place in this hallway. An oversized planter rests on top. It does not matter that it is empty. The temptation to fill it with plants was resisted. A single large painted plate hovers above.

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