Magical México: Maintenance

Although the atmosphere in México is one of relaxation and fun, there is a tremendous amount of behind the scenes maintenance keeping the look tidy.

The Christmas season interrupted my list of Méxican inspirations. Time to revisit the topic now as I am working on some new projects and could use some fresh ideas.

Much of México is wild and loose, but there is also a side that is manicured and well-maintained.


Mass plantings of agave at The Fiesta Americana Hotel, Cabo San Lucas

There is daily maintenance at the many resorts and hotels in particular, keeping those spots in top condition. One obvious example of this was seen at our hotel in the care of the numerous agaves on the property. They were heavily trimmed giving them a sculptural look. I vacillate between allowing agave to grow wild and unkept for a bohemian look and the tightly clipped version of the agave seen at our hotel. The latter version stuck in my mind and consequently my agave received the machete upon my return home.


Handsome agave in Tucson, Arizona

This pair of agave, seen at the Arizona Inn in Tucson, have such personality with their gesturing arms. They too have a nicely clipped base keeping them orderly. The inn has many agave planted around its property. The grey green color is very pretty against the pink walls of the inn.


Staff member at The Fiesta American Hotel

Daily morning maintenance is responsible for the well-kept appearance of many Méxican spots.

My husband and I loved watching the morning ritual of grooming the garden beds. First the sand was picked clean of debris with a broom.


Newly groomed bed

Then the surface was leveled out flat. Lastly the surface was carefully raked leaving nice patterns in the dirt.


There was a lot of raking going on at the hotel between the many beds and the various ashtrays to clean and imprint daily. Even these planters in the lobby received the special treatment.

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