Magical México: Lighting

México is an excellent source for chic yet quirky unusual lighting to add a sense of fun and drama to your interiors.

Countless times have I returned from México lugging back a large lantern or unique sconce. It is worth the trouble because there is amazing lighting to be found there. Most of it is less formal than the states, but so much more dramatic. We tend to like a lot of light in our homes keeping them very bright. Not all spaces need such intense light. (Of course, I have been accused of making my own house too dark.) Méxican interiors have wonderful mood lighting. Often times the rooms are somewhat dark, a little bit sexy, and give the impression that there is fun to be had!

Imperfections are part of the charm so be prepared to loosen up when shopping.

Patinaed tin heart sconce from San Miguel de Allende.

Patinated tin heart sconce found in San Miguel de Allende.

This sagrado corazón sconce is one of four that I had shipped back from San Miguel de Allende. They were found in a large store chocked full of unusual, primarily tin, fixtures. I don’t remember the exact name of the store, but it had Angel in it somewhere. Shopping there was like being in lighting heaven.

I love the greenish color although two of them have some pink on them as well.  They are so cute and quirky. You would never find something like this in the states. I love the hand-made quality of the lighting in Mexico.

When lit many lights offer dramatic shadows onto your walls and ceilings.

Same sconce when lit.

Same sconce when lit.

At night, rays of shadows spread out onto the walls. (An extra bonus.)

Floor lamp with star with leaf garland.

More lovely wall shadows.

This star floor lamp was at Casa Luna, a wonderful B & B in SM de A. My mother and I each ordered one to take home. It always reminds me of our wonderful trip there.

Pendant light hanging outside.

Pendant light hanging outside.

Another SM de A light. This is one of my favorites. I love the tiny punched stars, the bottom detail, and the delicate jewelry-like gold coin chains at the top of the light.

Star pendant from Tijuana.

Lots of star lighting in México.

One of the first lights that I lugged home from México. I found this star light in a wonderful store named Tolán’s in Tijuana. It was a huge warehouse type of store with countless handblown glasses, lighting, some furniture and home accessories. I used to love to go into this store as there was so much to look at between its two floors. I think I had this light for at least 12 years before it found a home.

Rethink the lighting in your home. Casa V can provide Mexican charm and shadows.