Magical México: Graciousness

Graciousness is everywhere in warm greetings, generous hospitality, and hand-made presentations.

Graciousness is the last item on my list of ten ideas that I left México thinking about back in May when I visited. This inspiration goes beyond design as it is more important and more lasting. What I love most about México are the people. They are fun, lively, generous, and hospitable people. I have not been to an area yet where they weren’t friendly. What good is a beautiful house if it isn’t welcoming to one’s family and friends?


Entrance to Mi Casa restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

We wandered into this blue building to inspect the restaurant.


Vestibule in Mi Casa restaurant

What a surprise to first enter into this charming alcove where this lovely lady was providing samples of the food and margaritas available at Mi Casa.


Mexican colors

I found the hand painted wastebasket quite whimsical. What a fun mix of colors between that and the two-tone table.


Zucchini soup from México the Beautiful. (Photo Ignacio Urquiza)

My collection of Mexican cookbooks is large. México the Beautiful is one of my favorites. I look to it repeatedly for delicious recipes but also serving ideas such as the stunning presentation of this zucchini soup.


Lunch at the Sheraton, Cabo San Lucas

The image above was taken at the Sheraton in Cabo San Lucas. Their extensive spread of salsas and condiments was lovely. I appreciate the time and care it takes to set up so many items each labeled with individual cards.


Palapa Terrace Suite at La Casa que Canta, Zihuatenejo

This welcome, literally spelled out with flower petals, is the epitome of graciousness. Beds are typically simple in México as seen here with the plain white bed covering. The embroidered fringed throw at the end of the bed adds a nice touch. The butterfly flowers take it to another level.

Turns out that I will be traveling to México again this spring. I look forward to finding new inspiration of which there is no shortage.

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