Magical México: Details

Wonderful unique details were seen everywhere in Cabo San Lucas making the experience more special.

Our hotel had oversized stone floor ashtrays placed sporadically throughout the hotel. Everyday they were cleaned with a new design printed into the sand.


Cute symbols dress up the sand in the ashtrays at the Fiesta Americana Hotel.

This ashtray is smaller and taller than the floor models, but it shows the type of symbol seen in the sand.

Simple pebbles make ordinary concrete interesting.

Several locations had walkways inlaid with interesting pebble designs.

Inlaid pebble detail seen at Los Cabos Golf Club

Inlaid pebble detail seen at the Fiesta Americana Hotel

Los Cabos Golf Club added special details throughout their beautiful club. There were different pebble designs at every turn.


Dashes, flowers, and herringbone turn out to be a great combination.

This diamond pattern was made extra charming with the flower detail in each corner.


Spectacular fountain made of simple concrete, pebbles, and stone.

This cute fountain was my favorite pebble detail. I love the star. The irregularities of its points and the imperfect circle surrounding it make it even better. Perfection can be dull.

Paint is another simple material used creatively to highlight already beautiful locations.


Details all around at Los Cabos Golf Club. Remember to look up. You might miss some.

This lovely groin-vaulted ceiling displays delicate blue scrolls. A painted flower medallion upstages the typical iron canopy.


Whitewashed palms at the incredible Chilena Beach, Dos Cabos.

The highlight of the trip was the day we went kayaking. We spotted some of the last whales in the area before they migrated north. It was a thrilling experience. We finished our excursion at Chilena Beach, a pristine beach full of locals, where we snorkeled to see an amazing assortment of fish. These palms were dressed up as if to emphasize this magical spot. I love citrus trees with their trunks painted white. I am not sure if I have ever seen a palm tree with this sort of detail.


Fantastic ficus in San Jose del Cabo.

It has been a long time since I have seen a braided ficus trunk. We spotted several of these in the plaza near the Cathedral.

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