Chic Hotel: Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré

This chic hotel, formerly an 18th century private home, was redesigned by architect and interior designer Michele Bonan.

Last month my husband and I traveled to Paris where we stayed at the Hôtel Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré.  Michele Bonan is responsible for the very chic interiors. Various blogs have featured the J.K. Place Capri and J.K. Place Roma designed by him. Both are great looking hotels. Now having stayed in one of Bonan’s hotels, I am a huge fan.

Bookshelves line many spaces within the hotel adding charm and comfort.

Small reception area

Small reception area

Upon entering the hotel you step into a cozy book-filled space.

Main living room

Main living room

The larger living room is a mix of traditional and modern furnishings.


Coffee counter in our bedroom entryway

Entering into our suite you first stepped into this hallway with traditional mirrored French doors. The closets and bathroom open off of this space. Then you reached the bedroom.


More art on mirror seen above a pedestal with a large urn


Sitting area at the end of the bed

The bedroom was just the right size. Bonan repeatedly uses pedestals with urns or statues sitting on top. He also trims his solid curtains with simple tape for added detail. I loved the sitting area in front of the fireplace. The chairs were comfortable and chic with their snappy contrast welt. The table was higher than typical cocktail height which was nice for eating. You can see the delicious macaroons and fruit plate that greeted us upon arrival.

Table surfaces were home to charming vignettes usually involving orchids or fresh flowers, small framed art propped up, and statues.


Vignette opposite elevator

The old floors have a beautiful patina. Inside mirrors feature throughout the spaces showing up above mantels, set into door panels, and behind framed paintings. Taking pictures without being in them was tricky.


Vignette in the stairwell

The stairwells between the few floors were wide and gracious with subtle faux stone blocks and this pretty console table. Living in Florida we have orchids available everywhere we turn. I often tire of the white phalaenopsis variety, but I am reconsidering after seeing how chic they are en masse in simple pots.


This breakfast room vignette looks like someone’s chic home


Breakfast room

My favorite room in the hotel was the breakfast room above. We preferred to sit on the brown velvet banquettes to eat our delicious croissants and canelés.


Ancient stairs down to the spa

Aside from walking the Paris streets, I resigned to take a break from exercise on this trip. We went down to investigate the workout room as a last whim before leaving. I am so glad we did. It was the most beautiful and certainly unique exercise space I have seen in a while.


The old stone walls contrasted with sleek high tech workout machines. There were custom built-ins for balls and other small equipment.  One could work out in style down there.


Portiére seen across the walkway from the hotel

I love portiéres. I find them so intriguing. One can’t help but wonder what lies beyond them. These I think led to an elegant restaurant seen from the courtyard.


Charming courtyard

It is always fun to peek into the courtyards in Paris. They are so charming with their cobblestones, doors, and often lattice trellises.

View from Musee Rodin

View from Musée Rodin

We sent pictures of the hotel home to our kids. They thought our suite was enormous from the pictures. It really wasn’t but it appeared so because of the hallway. Just to be funny we sent them this picture of the garden at the Musée Rodin and told them it was the backyard to the hotel.

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