Glorious Tile Guild

Tile Guild is an artisan tile company that appreciates and emulates historical tile with the goal of bringing unique specialized beauty to current homes.



Tile Guild is California-based but looks to tile from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East for their inspiration. I am just one on their long list of fans.



If you follow interior design at all you have seen the two images above, both by Michael S. Smith and Tile Guild. His blue and white bathroom with the Portuguese-tiled wainscot has inspired and been copied by many. The second photo is a detail of the dreamiest living room in Montecito. The white plaster walls combined with the cool blue and white tile, dark wooden antique furniture, and flowing white linen curtains make the perfect setting.

Tile Guild: Sevilla

The TG website groups their patterns by regional inspiration. My favorite is the Spanish-inspired tile listed under Sevilla.

Recently, I ordered the Sitges border for my own home to frame a doorway into my kitchen.

Several years ago, this same pattern was used in a similar color way in a pool bath shower.

In the same house, a guest bath features a band of Catalonia running around the room and into the shower.

Custom work

My all-time favorite kitchen is this one in Cuernavaca photographed by Tim Street-Porter. It is too iconic to attempt a reproduction. However, I am attempting to use this star tile for a different application.

Since seeing this photo over 30 years ago, I have searched for this tile without success.

So I went to Dennis at Tile Guild to see if he would be willing to make it for me. His samples are above. They will be making their way to Orlando.

More Sevilla

Tenerife above is another of my favorite Sevilla patterns.

But then so is Zaragoza (second from top) and Leon (bottom). Both are on order for a bathroom niche in my house.


Pattern TGF03

Pattern TGF12

Pattern TGF12

For a Winter Park kitchen, I am contemplating patterns from the Faience line. Deciding which pattern is not easy.




Remembering Michael S. Smith’s spectacular use of this striking green and white tile, seen below, I considered it for my own kitchen.



This bird tile is also from the Andalusian line.

This Wallace Neff house in Lake Wales, Florida has a similar bird tile. This tile is original to the 1920’s construction. Tile Guild has been in operation since the mid-1980’s.



Close up views of the bird tile.

Tile Guild can be found at specialty tile suppliers. In Orlando, contact Alexander Morgan Tile.

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