Flower arrangements Mexican style

Flower arrangements in México are typically loose, exotic, and perfectly suit the fun-loving spirit of the country.

One of the many reasons that I enjoy traveling, is to see how people live, eat, decorate, and dress in other countries. When visiting México, I am intrigued by the flower arrangements. Just like fashion, hair, make-up, and interior decorating, my preference for flowers is to take the “undone” approach. I was inspired by the exotic loose arrangements seen on my summer trip to San Miguel de Allende.

While gladiolus seem to be a budget choice for funerals at home in the states, in México they seem regal. Gladiolus look simple and elegant flanking the entrance to this boutique.

Including leaves in an arrangement makes it less formal.

An atypical rose arrangement at the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada.

Red roses become exotic more than romantic with these folded-in leaves.

Inside La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcàngel.

Likewise these large elephant ears spice up serene church lilies.

Sometimes floral arrangements aren’t necessary. The dramatic scale of this singular sunflower makes an impact.

Fuchsia bougainvillea livens up this predominantly blue kitchen.

Bougainvillea makes for charming arrangements. A few sprigs in a small vase is all that is required.

Putting flowers in unexpected places creates a festive mood.

Floating flowers in a fountain or swimming pool instantly evokes a party atmosphere. I love to do this, but sometimes I forget. México always reminds me.

This flower-filled niche is seen at Tío Lucas, a festive restaurant that frequently redecorates.

These orange faux marigolds dramatically highlight black Oaxacan pottery.

Geraniums and cacti create a lovely lush vignette on these tiled shelves.

Geraniums and cacti create a lovely lush vignette on talavera tiled shelves.

Geraniums love the arid Mexican conditions.  They make an impact when used in mass. It is common to see multiple pots lining pools and fountains.

On this last day of summer I am grateful for the lovely inspirational trips I was able to take. Hints of them have made their way into my lifestyle to go through this next year. Adding a touch of the exotic to your home can be as simple as tweaking your flowers. Casa V  can bring more permanent exotic touches.