Fine Style

Lisa Fine boldly decorates with color and pattern inspired by foreign cultures.

I do not remember when I first became aware of Lisa Fine, but I had never seen such “fine style” before and have not forgotten her since. Her fearless use of color and pattern, I find liberating. Her Paris apartment is a feast of color like a Moroccan bazaar. Seeing her featured in House Beautiful this month made me want to pay tribute to her.


Paris apartment of Lisa Fine. (Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor)


Tented ceiling by Lisa Fine. (Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor)


Lisa’s favorite color pink warms the master bedroom and bath of her Paris guest apartment. (Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna for Lonny)

Safe decorating bores me. What a waste of resources and money. I urge my clients to go past their comfort zone, not replicate something already seen in a magazine, be unique and really go for it when creating their home. Lisa’s rooms do all of those things. Her rooms seem to embody the idea of living life to the fullest with no regrets.


Palms in Texas. Pasha Palm covers the walls, headboard, and lampshades in Fine’s bedroom. (Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna for House Beautiful)

Lisa is not a decorator, but should you want to bring a little Lisa into your life you can do that in three ways.

She creates fabulous fabrics. I love them all for their old-world ethnic feel.


Baroda II in coco.


Malula in coco.


Paradeiza in coco.


Luxor coco on natural.

I am debating about using one of the four fabrics above for a current project.

Fine generously covers numerous surfaces within a room in one fabric and then throws in additional ones for added interest and color.


Fabric Malula in coco covers the walls, sofa, and lampshades in Fine’s mother’s Dallas apartment. (Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna for House Beautiful)

Lisa Fine began her career in fashion which led to her stylish collaboration with Carolina Irving – Irving & Fine.

Should you want to dress in fine style you can order one of her tunics or embellished jackets.


Lisa, with Alessandra Cicognani, pictured in a fantastic tunic that I foolishly let slip away. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)


Lisa Fine between CeCe Cord and Barbara McLaughlin at a 2010 book party in NYC. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

Carolina’s style is another favorite of mine. This article could almost switch out Carolina’s name for Lisa’s. (Future post on Carolina.) Their styles are different but equally unique and inspiring.

Lastly, Lisa designs dhurries (love) with Richard Keith Langham.

When I see images of Lisa or her interiors, I am inspired to look a little better – put on one of my embroidered shirts and a pair of chandelier earrings. Why not slather my walls with Indian fabric or paint a room pink? I would hate to get to the end of my life having sat on a beige sofa watching TV when I could have sat on a turquoise velvet variety chatting with my friends in an embroidered caftan while drinking moroccan mint tea. (My friends would say that would be champagne…not tea.)

You can read more about Lisa Fine here.

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