Fascinating woman

Fascinating woman: Qurentia Throm was an intelligent artist who boldly traveled through life and the world inspiring and educating others.

A detail of a beautifully laid table.

A detail of a beautifully laid table.

Creative women often congregate in locations of natural beauty.

On a recent trip to New Mexico, I was able to learn more about two artists who resided in that state. New Mexico was home to many strong creative women, much like San Miguel de Allende. Before featuring those New Mexican women, I must first pay tribute to a particularly fascinating woman. This woman lived in both Orlando and México. I have written about her before,  Qurentia Throm.

Fascinating woman pt. 1 – Qurentia Throm

Beloved wife, friend, educator and artist, Qurentia Poole Throm (“Que” to many), having led a full and joyous life, passed away on April 7, 2022. Elegant, stylish, highly educated, intelligent, well traveled, and articulate, Que dedicated her life to the education of others and the fostering of the arts. She is survived by many friends from many diverse walks of life who will miss her greatly.

The San Miguel kitchen. Spring 2019.

The San Miguel kitchen. Spring 2019.

Spending time with Que was educational as she knew a lot about many topics. Her mind was open and curious.

She and her husband Cicero loved to travel to exotic places which was evident in their homes. Collecting textiles was a favorite hobby of hers. Some of them became pillows on either side of their Orlando fireplace above.

Always the artist.

Que used her golden fingers to transform the ordinary into something beautiful and special. Her lunch table set with an Indonesian batik was one such example.

Design and México were two topics we enjoyed discussing. As you can imagine, she enjoyed design that was bold and colorful. She was quite practical however. Creative people are resourceful. They find ways to create function or beauty without necessarily spending a lot of money.
A bit of México in their Orlando kitchen.

A bit of México in their Orlando kitchen.

Que and Cicero brought Mexican color to their Orlando home. Contrarily, their Mexican house was largely white. Colorful houses are the norm in San Miguel. Therefore, they chose the abnormal approach.

A favorite place of Que & Cicero - The Art and History Museums in Maitland.

A favorite place of Que & Cicero – The Art and History Museums in Maitland.

Que and Cicero did not have children. Their legacy will be an education center at The Art and History Museums of Maitland.  Que will continue to inspire and educate for years to come. Her obituary can be read in its entirety here.
Casa V Interiors will lovingly remember Qurentia Throm and reference her great style into the future.