Fabric Magic

Fabric lined walls can transform a ho hum room into one that is incredibly memorable.

A room that has been completely lined with fabric is deliciously decadent. A nondescript room can benefit from this exuberant treatment. Typically not every room in a house would be handled this way, although I have seen amazing homes with multiple rooms displaying fabric lined walls. Lisa Fine lavishes fabric onto her walls throughout her homes to marvelous affect. I wrote about her previously here.

Tenting a room creates a chic cocoon.

The elaborate passementerie serving as a crown molding takes this striped room to another level. (Photo: Iksel Decorative Arts)

Gathering the fabric on the ceiling elaborates on the sweet stripe creating a feminine feel. (Photo: Nicky Haslam Design)

Using the same fabric on the walls as well as furniture, lampshades, and curtains creates a unified look which can seem understated even if using a bold pattern.

Carolina Herrera’s dramatic New York living room swathed in Pierre Frey’s Le Coq. Her daughter Patricia Lansing models a dress made of the same fabric in blue which her sister Carolina used to similar affect in her Spanish country house. (Photo: unknown source)

In this John Stefanidis designed room, the same Indonesian batik is used throughout the room, but the scale is enlarged for the side chair. (Photo: The Developed Eye Living by Design with John Stefanidis)

Stenciling on top of grasscloth or raffia provides flexibility for creating borders or wainscoting.

Tom Scheerer uses stenciled raffia often in his interiors giving this New York apartment an exotic air. (Photo: Francesco Lagnese)

Another Tom Scheerer interior. Here he puts a bohemian twist on a traditional room by stenciling tobacco colored grasscloth and painting the shutters red. (Photo: Francesco Lagnese)

When my elder daughter left for college, I decided to update her bedroom. It is small and plain with only one window. Fabric lined walls would give it some pizazz while making it more inviting.

Peter Dunham creates cozy rooms by papering the walls with his line of printed fabrics. (Photo: unknown source)

Peter Dunham’s Indian flower is charming and a touch sweet creating the perfect ambience for a guest bedroom. This pattern was a strong consideration for my bedroom redo.

Jean Cocteau’s study is a favorite room of mine. I find animal prints to be so chic, however; I don’t feel like they are quite me. (Photo: unknown source)

(Photo: Gilles de Chabaneix)

The ikat covered walls in this Spanish dining room have been imprinted on my mind for years after discovering this image in one of my books. The decor found in Spain and Mallorca has long been a favorite of mine.

The ikat fabric lined walls make it clear that this lovely dining room is not in the states. (Photo: Richard Labougle from Jaime Parladé, a Personal Style)

Ultimately, I decided to use an ikat. I have long been a fan of this weave plus it suits the Spanish feel of our home.

The pine-green and grayish-white weave from B & J Fabrics in New York is just perfect. The paper backing process stretched out this thin fabric a bit making the pattern not quite straight. I might not use this again for a client, but for myself it was just fine. I don’t require perfection. The pattern wrapping around this small room makes it very inviting and cozy. Hopefully my daughter or anyone else sleeping within these walls will have sweet dreams of Mallorca.

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