Learning of artistic people’s thoughts on fashioning their homes inspires my own dreams of creating that perfect house.

One of the best things about Saturday mornings is retrieving the Wall Street Journal from the end of my driveway to finally get to read the Off Duty section after waiting all week long. This past weekend made the wait especially worthwhile with an article by Patricia Storace.  The article described the writer’s stroll through an antique store in Marrakesh where she was overtaken by the lure of a one of a kind door. Stories like these further enhance my dreams of creating just the right house – not perfect but magical, soothing, exciting, and beautiful all wrapped into one place.  Reading the article reminded me of other quotes I have read recently that similarly inspired me.


Home of Madeleine and Marcellin Castaing featured in French Interiors: The Art of Elegance. (Photo:Christina Vervitsioti-Missoffe)

“There is no garden of paradise except in your own home. Do not think that tomorrow you will enter the eternal fire; You do not enter hell after having lived in heaven.”  – Ibn-Khayyam, poet from Córdoba


Dining room designed by Bill Willis. (Photo: from the book Bill Willis by Marian McEvoy)

“When I die, I don’t want to go to heaven, I want to go to my house.”

“Cuando yo muera, no quiero ir al cielo, quiero ir a mi casa.”

Victor Carrasco, from Casa Alta

umberto pasti ecclectic ecentric apartment tangiers

Tangier home of Umberto Pasti. (Photo: Christopher Simon Sykes from World of Interiors)

“The best houses are those in which the furniture has entered one piece at a time.” – Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, from Casa Alta.


Home of Liza Bruce. (Photo: Simon Upton for Elle Decor)

“I saw it immediately, propped up against a dressing table – an intricately carved door whose rich, nocturnally dark wood was studded with stars that I would soon learn were formed of brass, camel bone and silver, and which seemed to pulse and shimmer as my eyes moved over them. The door… looked like the gate of heaven, luminous and narrow.” –  Patricia Storace


(Photo: Bloglovin.com)

“A grand ecclesiastical chandelier hung in a cavernous living room populated by a bronze faun and other dusty sculptures of gods and monkeys.” – Patricia Storace

Umberto Pastis Tangier garden

The new but seemingly old Tangier home of Umberto Pasti. (Photo: David Oliver)

“The house had been neglected for years but is once again one where days are richly lived, where weddings have been celebrated, Shakespeare plays performed and, as in all good houses, many loves requited.”- Patricia Storace


Lotusland. (Photo: Ian Watt)

“What I hate in gardens are stereotypes and easy solutions -what I love are thought, freedom, and joy” -Umberto Pasti


Garden of Umberto Pasti. (Photo: Houzz)

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