Design Inspiration: Thinking about…curtains

Creating some curtains for a client required reconsidering some styles previously regarded as outdated.


Curtains made from 100 yards of fine linen sateen in Southern California

These dreamy white curtains in a Santa Barbara home designed by Michael S. Smith are my curtain of choice in many instances as they are full and elegant yet simple and not distracting. Sometimes these just won’t do however as the room calls for pattern and something a bit more noticeable. I pulled out some images to consider for inspiration to create something different.

Simply made curtains with a different twist can add a fresh touch to a room.


Villaviciosa. Asturias, España. (Photo: Ricardo Labougle)

This style, seen above by Isabel Lopez Quesada, can potentially look heavy and old-fashioned when using a patterned fabric. Her version looks fresh and feels light with the plain white fabric edged in olive.


Casa de Camp. Madrid, España. (Photo: Tim Wood)

Here she uses the style again but in a natural linen edged in light blue.


La Faisanderie. Biarritz, Francia. (Photo: Ricardo Labougle)

Another style by Quesada uses this bright striped fabric with a gathered and tied top. It is cute for this garden room.


Residence of Pierre Passebon. (Photo: Jacques Grange Interiors)

Many showhouses in the 90’s featured similar curtain treatments as seen above. They came across a bit stiff and contrived in my opinion whereas these seem loose and fitting for this country house designed by Jacques Grange. I like how these can easily by adjusted with the iron ring and hook. The contrast edging adds a nice finished touch.

Image 2

Seaside vacation home. (Photo: Jacques Grange Interiors)

Here is another image of a similar treatment also by Grange, this time in a seaside home.

Using a generous amount of natural fabric creates luxurious full curtains.

Image 1

Eighteenth-century apartment in Paris. (Photo: Jacques Grange Interiors)

Another Jacques Grange designed room features these diamond quilted curtains held back by a simple brass tieback. They are luxurious by their thickness and fullness, but they are made even more so by the second inner curtain of full gathered silk. The differing textures and full, gathered fabric create interest to this monochromatic color scheme. His book features large photos of his work and is an excellent addition to your library.


Castle in Cuenca. (Photo: Ricardo Labougle)

Jaime Parladé created a charming closet with a scalloped valance and full curtains out of humble checked fabric. He even lined the shelves and bottom platform in this same check for a finished touch. He too has a beautiful book with his charming designs.

Casa V , a Winter Park design firm, can create distinctive curtains for your home.