Christmas gift inspiration: Elizabeth Hewitt

Elizabeth Hewitt, ex-pat, shop owner, designer, and all-around fun girl to drink wine with, is kicking off the Casa V gift list with her suggestions.

Elizabeth Hewitt pictured in bed with pillows made from her Tulu textiles.

Elizabeth Hewitt pictured in bed with pillows made from her Tulu textiles.

For shopping help this year, I have called on my favorite creative friends. The group consists of shop owners, artists, designers, magazine editors, and world travelers. The commonality between them is a keen eye. Their exposure is vast, but they are seasoned treasure hunters. Some have even listed presents they hope to receive. I hope that you will find inspiration from these lists. I certainly have.

When thinking of who to look to for Christmas gift ideas, Elizabeth Hewitt quickly came to mind. First thought of Elizabeth: she is a very cool girl. She lives in Istanbul, always shopping or designing for her NYC shop, Tamam, which she owns with Clare Louise Frost (also a very cool girl) and her (Elizabeth) husband Hüseyin Kaplan. Tamam is my favorite spot to search for antique textiles, rugs, kütahya pottery, tableware, and even jewelry. Their small East village shop is a jewel box making Veranda’s list of most beautiful shops. Definitely make a visit, but if you cannot get to NYC, their Instagram account is prolific showing many of their offerings.

Elizabeth’s list of gifts to give and a few to receive are below:

Tamam sets a beautiful table.

 One of my go to gifts -that everybody loves and needs- is a Tamam serving bowl+ napkins– both are hand made in traditional techniques, the designs are inspired from tradition but original and fresh. everyone needs serving bowls-  they are used as serving bowls and as catchalls on the kitchen counter- decorative and useful- fruits, veggies…..and napkins, They always make a table.

The pattern above, Zerrin, is from Tamam’s fabric line.




star coupes:

i have been gifting these glasses from Ecru this year- champagne glasses- the ultimate gift. Always needed.

Tamam hosted a pop-up for Ecru a few weeks ago. Seeing the items on Instagram made me a fan and a future customer.

No doubt Elizabeth has been very good this year so hopes the following will be in her stocking.

hoping Santa brings me this book!
Uzbekistan: Avant-Garde Orientalists Hardcover Book

this volume shows part of the collection in the Savitsky museum in Nukus, Uzbekistan- the “Avant-Garde Orientalist art”. I have visited the museum many times- hard to get to and very much worth the effort- and have had my mind blown every single visit. I identify with these artists from the early 20th Century- the impact that Uzbekistan had on them can be seen in their art- the impact it has had on me- in design, color- sense, my entire life, Life changing. And The story of Savitsky is just one of those miraculous stories of miraculous humans doing miraculous things.

The best gift of all.

Tamam in Turkey trip, Fall 2021.

Tamam in Turkey trip, Fall 2021.

the gift of travel- i think travel is the best gift to give and receive

over the years i have given travel gifts to my niece and nephew- (usually as incentive for them to visit me in Istanbul)  and this year i gifted my mom business class seats to visit us in Turkey- she would never get them for herself, she was hesitating to come because of the long flight and crowded -covid-scary seats- so the business class seats were the deal maker.


Having been on this trip, I cannot recommend Tamam in Turkey enough. You will see unforgettable places you would not find on your own. Additionally, you will meet very interesting people. I have written about my trip here, here and here. It is a trip of a lifetime. Don’t miss it.

Clare Louise Frost and Elizabeth Hewitt inside of Tamam. (Photo: Belle Morizio)

Clare Louise Frost and Elizabeth Hewitt inside of Tamam. (Photo: Belle Morizio)

Tamam not only has antique textiles; they have a fabric line which you can read about here. But that is not all. There is Tulu Textiles and Malika Ikats designed by Elizabeth. Clare has her own line as well, designing fabrics, kimonos, and clothing. You can read more about these girls who never sleep, here.

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