Christmas gift inspiration: Dayle Wood

Dayle Wood, magazine editor, puts her keen eye to work every day so finding unique gifts took a New York minute.

Dayle Wood. (Photo: Hearst Design Group)

Dayle Wood. (Photo: Hearst Design Group)

Dayle has seen it all. As Decoration Director of Veranda she is always on the go visiting designers, showrooms, anything or anyone involved in the making of beautiful homes. She is often abroad with a sticker-smothered passport to prove it. Our paths crossed in Turkey with Tamam last fall. After ten amazing days exploring unesco sites and textile dealers, Dayle flew out the following day to search out High Point. She gets around.

LA shop, Nickey Kehoe. (Photo: Nickey Kehoe)

LA shop, Nickey Kehoe. (Photo: Nickey Kehoe)

Dayle’s feature in Veranda on the 28 most beautiful designer-owned shops in the world.

Dayle, Ben, Madeline O'Malley, & Kathryn Given back in June at The Madoo Conservancy. (Photo: @aspoonfulofbenjamin)

Dayle, Ben, Madeline O’Malley, & Kathryn Given back in June at The Madoo Conservancy. (Photo: @aspoonfulofbenjamin)

Often it is with her good friend Ben. They venture out antiquing or exploring together on weekends. As one might imagine, Dayle is a wealth of knowledge. She graciously shared some of it here regarding the subject of Christmas gifts.

Unsurprisingly, she suggested gifts for the home.



There’s nothing quite as lovely as a bit of spring in the dark depths of winter, which is why one of my favorite hostess gifts to give at the holidays is Reed Smythe’s jewel-toned glass bulb vases. Simply add in a forced hyacinth bulb and tie with a ribbon or twine!

I find the work of the Brooklyn-based artisan Armitano Domingo utterly enchanting. His small porcelain dishes, with all sorts of trompe l’oeil insects and other elements, will delight those with an eye for the unique and the hand-made.

Takes one to know one.

As a magazine editor, I devour print media of all kinds and Scala Regia is a new favorite publication. Beautifully combining art, history, fashion and design in a visual feast for the eyes, reading through each issue transports you to another time and place. This holiday, I will be giving copies of the new issue #9 along with the recently introduced special ‘Carnet’ edition to some of my closest creative friends.

What would a magazine editor want?

For me, one of the best ways to get through winter is by lighting candles every evening. It’s all about creating that cozy atmosphere! British Colour Standard makes the best hand-poured tapers in a rainbow of hues—I keep stashes of them around to give as small gifts or stocking stuffers.

I must have a hundred small prints and artworks that I’ve gathered over the years that are all in desperate need of a good framing. The UK-based designer Benedict Foley recently launched his brilliant collection of vibrantly-painted, zigzag– and serpentine-shaped frames that would take any piece in my art collection up a notch—Santa, I hope you are listening!

For more advice from Dayle don’t miss an issue of Veranda. To see where she is out and about follow her @daylewood24

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