Austin is so Proper

The Proper Hotel is filled with twiggy florals, geometry, texture, and organic flourishes perfectly capturing grown-up Austin.



During my recent trip to Texas, I had the pleasure of visiting the Proper. My thoughtful friend pulled a few people together for lunch. The commonality between us was a shared love of beautiful things and interesting design. Such a group cannot have lunch in any old spot. The ambience is of utmost importance, possibly even more than the food. My savvy friend knew where we could enjoy the best of both. That spot was La Piscina inside the Proper.

Kelly Wearstler dripped her oh so creative fingers all over this project creating a comfortable but energetic environment. Austin has become a more sophisticated version of its past casual self. The interiors match the current Austin feel, still hip and artsy. Less grunge, more polish.

Geometric lines dominate the reception area.

Goldie’s is a private cocktail bar reserved for hotel guests. It is open to all, however, on Sunday afternoon for tea.

The mood is a bit softer inside Goldie’s with plush fabrics and garden colors. I love the triple layer of fringe on the poufs.

A cool place for cool people.

The lobby has numerous places to tuck in and work on your laptop or visit with friends as was the case the day I stopped in.

Proper attracts the attractive crowd.

Pattern is everywhere, subtle and not so.

A perfectly balanced subtle hallway.

The entrance to La Piscina, the site of my delightful lunch. The food was perfect: large homemade chips with flavorful fresh salsas, lobster quesadillas (worth every decadent bite) and shrimp ceviche in a coconut milk broth were the highlights.



The conversation was too enjoyable for me to pull away and take my own photos of the restaurant or of the delicious food. Here is a Proper photo displaying a few of their mouth-watering delights.

Casa V can polish your home to compliment its grown up owners.