72 hours in San Miguel

Even spending as little as 72 hours in México, one can leave fully satiated by the color, food, fun, and inspiration found there.

I adore México. It is my favorite country for many reasons, but most significantly for two. Although I grew up in Texas feeling Mexico’s strong influence , I did not know the country itself. That changed when I traveled there in 1987 on a five week program. Through that program I traveled to various parts of the country experiencing the rich culture and the jovial generous people. I was of the age when I was coming into my own so it shaped me.

Besides falling in love with México, I fell in love in México. My now husband was also on a summer program studying Spanish at the same language school in Cuernavaca.

I have just returned from a visit to San Miguel de Allende at the invitation of some lovely friends who were renting a house there this summer. My daughter and I spent a marvelous three days there cramming in as much as we possibly could. In those 72 hours, we took a market tour, cooking class, walking tour of the Centro, went to two dinner parties, dined out, attended mass, shopped, and took endless photographs while walking the cobblestoned streets. Some of the highlights from my trip are seen below.

El mercado

Pilar, of Sazón,  shaving avocado for the tortilla soup

Chicken and rice cakes with mole.

San Martín de Porres, the saint of mixed races.

Tiled cross at the entry to a friend’s home.

Door to a guest room.

View from the highway to Queretaro.

There is an endless amount to do in San Miguel. I have a long list for next time.

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