The 404

The 404 packs a lot of style into a tiny space right in the middle of the Nashville fun.

It is that time again…looking around for another college for another child. I love it when they are interested in a college in a fun location with great sights to see and delicious food to eat. Our last trip was to Nashville where I had not been in years. What a fantastic place. I could move there. Researching for the trip, I knew just where I wanted to stay. The 404. Staying there felt like living there. The hotel only has 5 rooms so it is quite small and intimate. I saw the manager once, a housekeeper twice, and never did we see or hear another guest.

The 404 is located in a neighborhood known as The Gulch. It is small but packed with fun restaurants and stylish shops.

The unassuming facade of The 404 Hotel in Nashville.

The 404 Hotel on 12th Street, Nashville. (Photo:

The unassuming facade of the 404 Hotel.

The dramatically lit hallway of The 404.

The dramatically lit hallway of the 404.

This is the whole hotel right here. All of the bedrooms are off of this glowing pink corridor. The lounge is on the left and the bar on the right. By bar I mean the counter. Straight ahead is the door to the tiny parking lot. This photograph is taken in front of the door that leads to the restaurant.

The compact lounge of The 404 has everything one would need - technology, apples, and excellent magazines.

The lounge.

The lounge with a bowl of apples and some choice magazines.

The 404 self-service bar provides a delicious breakfast and afternoon snacks.

The bar provides on-demand beverages with changing snacks.

The bar is stocked for coffee or cocktails. When you arrive back in the afternoon bowls of M&M’s and nuts await. For the healthy eater there are apples. In the mornings, the yummiest blueberry coffee cake sits under a glass dome. There is also a plate of croissants and muffins. Go for the coffee cake.

A panoramic view of Room 2, The 404, Nashville.

Panoramic view of our lovely room.

Our lovely room. Room 2.

The comfortable all-white bed of Room 2, The 404, Nashville.

I love an all-white bed.

The comfy bed.

A perfect mix of industrial and traditional in The 404 bathroom, Nashville.

Industrial meets Traditional in the bathroom.

The bathroom was a great mix of industrial and traditional elements.

The 404 bathroom provided Malin + Goetz products with a more interesting towel selection than the usual hotel variety.

The small towels were part towel, part washcloth and the perfect size for washing one’s face.

Malin + Goetz products for the bath and more interesting towels than the usual hotel selection.


The generous supply of cotton balls and Q-tips felt like home.

Who can resist a circular stairway? The 404, Nashville.

The circular stairway beckons one to the secret space above.

Who can resist a spiral staircase? Climbing it led…

A loft above the bedroom for fun and games, The 404, Nashville.

The awaiting loft space for fun and games.

to this fun lounge. We never used it as we were too busy, but it was fun to have a second story loft.

A comfortable bedroom in The 404 with nothing superfluous, just comfortable amenities.

Nothing superfluous about this bedroom. Just the comforts one needs.

Looking down from the loft to our bedroom.

Casa V can turn your home into a comfortable stylish place that you never want to leave.